Best Drones Buyer’s Guide & Reviews With a Camera on the Market

Looking to find the best drone, without spending a fortune? The truth is that even when spending less than 300 dollars on a drone, you could very easily get ripped-off, especially if you buy one from one of the fly-by-nights low-quality importers. We all want to spend our bucks wisely, getting the best value for our money by buying a durable, efficient and easy to fly a drone. To help our readers, I have spent the last few days testing quadcopters, reading user reviews, and have compiled a list of well equipped, bang for your buck drones. If you are in a hurry, here are the top and latest reviews of $300 drones.

MJX Bugs 3 Mini

This product is an innovative entry-level drone with interesting technical features that are designed to help beginners learn to fly. When the drone came out, MJX Bugs 3 was a small but appreciated and significant revolution in the industry.

The introduction of an entry-level unit with a simple camera impressed enthusiasts. After demonstrating its ability to produce drones of even higher quality, such as the Bugs 2W, MJX returned to the market with the Bugs 3 Mini. The product is a miniature sports drone that is ideal for novices.

The MJX Bugs 3 Mini drone is a unit with a good quality-price ratio. It boasts a competitive price combined with decent technical features. Inside the package, you find the remote control, two sets of propellers, a charger, tools to fix the propellers, the manual, and the landing feet. However, the unit does not come with a camera but it can accommodate one. On the other hand, the Headless Mode allows the drone to respond to the commands of the controller efficiently.

Holy Stone HS 700 FPV Drone

The Holy Stone 700 takes the most popular model, their HS 100, and makes improvements. This drone is capable of being used for filming videos and school projects without springing for expensive camera rigs and high-end drones. It’s also great for outdoor events and holidays with families. The GPS system also stands out in this model. It will lock on to over 20 satellites in under a minute, so it is extremely precise.

DJI Spark

The DJI Spark is designed for a beginner to easily fly using the free downloadable DJI go app on a smartphone. Control is possible from a distance of up to 1.2 miles if the view of the drone is unobstructed. This app lets the drone respond to hand gestures when taking a selfie.

There is built-in detection for obstacles to help collision avoidance. This feature may be turned off to fly in “sports” mode. This mode will not avoid crashing in sports mode; however, this mode increases the top-flying speed from around 13 mph up to 31 mph.

A pilot can tap a point in the screen image on a smartphone and the drone will fly to that point automatically. It has a “follow me” feature to track a person or a moving object. The flight path can be pre-programmed. Flight time is about 16 minutes.

Spark uses 720p resolution for its live video stream and 1080p recording for its video camera. It has a wide-angle lens that is good for taking panoramic shots. It has a rotating gimbal mount to catch shots that employ bi-directional stabilization for capturing steady shots. It takes photos at 12 megapixels resolution, and Spark is VR capable if the flyer buys optional equipment for FPV flying with a headset.