Block Ads Now With Lucky Patcher App For Android!

Nowadays our smartphone can perform any action you want right? Well almost. There is an app for every word you can think of making our day to day lives easier and faster. Gone are the days we used to carry around our second generation GSM mobiles, now the time for the Android smartphones. The prices of them are so low that everyone can use it. Android smartphones are a necessity for the modern world and the mind-blowing technology and the vast array of apps that can do every function you can think. Out of the millions of apps available for Android devices, Lucky Patcher is one such app. Read further to know what this app does.

Block Ads Now With Lucky Patcher App For Android!

Have you ever played a YouTube video and got irritated seeing the ads in the beginning? If you ever felt that way this app has been developed just to solve your problem. Lucky Patcher ios allows its users to bypass license verification, block advertisements, remove system apps, modify app permissions, etc. lucky Patcher app has more than 500 million users all over the world. If you want to get free in-app purchases, then this is the best app. It can be used on all windows devices as well as on your android device using bluestacks. Lucky Patcher app works on rooted as well as non rooted devices but to get the full benefit of the app, it’s better to root your device.

How To Install Lucky Patcher App For Android?

You will not get the Lucky Patcher app for android on the google play store or any other similar platform. You can download the Lucky Patcher apk from various websites available online and install it on your device. After installation, grant root access to it. You will be able to see some of the “license verification found,” “custom patch available,” “in app purchases found” etc. below the app.

How To Use The Lucky Patcher App For Android?

You can perform various functions using the Lucky Patcher app for android. Lets take a look at the common uses-

  • To apply custom patch – for applying custom patch open “custom patch available” > Open menu > custom patch. Tap to apply and wait for the patch to get applied.
  • To remove ads – open Menu of patches > Remove google ads option > Patch to remove google ads > Apply
  • To install modded play store – open Patch Android> tick “signature verification status always true” option > “disable .apk signature verification” > tap on applying. If the patch has been applied, patch applied will be written over there.
  • To remove License Verification- to remove the license verification of any app to open the menu for patches> “remove license verification” > patch to remove license verification > apply. After successful application of the patch, patch applied will be written there.

Thus these are the ways you can use Lucky Patcher app for android.