5 Ways To Identify and Retain Top Talent

“As a recruiter, it’s easy to feel like the job is transactional,” Bert Miller, President, and CEO of MRINetwork, shared to Authority Magazine earlier this month. “Find a candidate, fill an opening. But most recruiters have a defining moment when they realize that people’s jobs are one of the most impactful elements of their lives. You start to hold yourself accountable for making fits that benefit the individual and their families.”

Bert’s interview is part of the publication’s HR Strategy Series, which explores what hiring managers are looking for, how to retain great people and other business lessons from experts in the World of Work. 

In the candid interview, Bert shares everything from what led him to talent access and entrepreneurship to the new direction MRINetwork has been pursuing since he acquired the global firm nearly two years ago. Bert shares strategies for reaching passive talent online, prioritizing a new set of candidate characteristics, and keeping great people engaged — during a pandemic, no less.

Read Bert’s full interview to learn more about his perspective on talent access, HR, and leadership.