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Our Recruiting Process

Managing the Process

Conducting the initial search is only the first step in helping your company find the talent it needs to compete and grow.

The Chatham Group saves you time and money by managing almost every aspect of the hiring process including contacting, pre-screening and presenting candidates.

Candidate Contact

Once potential candidates are identified, we make contact with them on a direct, personal basis. This phase, possibly the most critical time of the search, involves two activities:


Identification of Candidates

The Chatham Group becomes your spokesperson, representing your company in the same professional manner in which you would represent it yourself. We present the objectives, opportunities, responsibilities and advancement potential associated with the positions you need to fill. We compare the qualifications of the candidates against the comprehensive profiles developed during the planning stage. Only when a strong mutual interest between you and the candidate is determined does the process continue.


Presentation of Impact Players

Once our thorough screening process is completed and candidates have been evaluated, only the outstanding impact players are presented for your consideration. We also assist you in scheduling and monitoring the interview process with your management team.

The Decision and the Offer

While you alone make the decision on the best talent for your organization, we can assist you during this critical phase. Reference checks provide you with valuable information, which helps you make the right choice. We advise and facilitate communications on salary terms, relocation and benefits. We also assist the candidate through the emotional process of resigning his or her present position and dealing with counteroffers. 

Our Process

Read through our step by step process below:


The First Steps

  1. Interview hiring manager for information on position and company
  2. Offer consultation on salary level and attractiveness of position
  3. Develop a marketing plan- Elements can include:
  1. Website
  2. Direct mail
  3. E-mail campaign
  4. Direct contacts
  5. Publications



  1. Develop lists of potential candidates based on: abilities/experience,  job function/title,  geographic region,  etc.
  2. Recruit from lists and from our database
  3. Enthusiastically present the career opportunity
  4. Apprise the hiring manager of our progress
  5. Qualify and evaluate candidates
  6. Anticipate possible problems
  7. Counteroffer
  8. Relocation Discussion
  9. Non-compete contracts


Arranging interviews:

  1. Present candidates verbally and with resume
  2. Recommend the appropriate interviews
  3. Arrange each interview
  4. Prepare candidate
  5. Brief hiring manager


After the interview:

  1. Debrief candidate and employer, Sample Questions to be asked:
  1. Move ahead with this candidate? Why?
  2. Interview other candidates? Why?
  3. Maintain or change the direction of the search? Why?

2. If relocation is required, introduce candidate to our relocation services

3. Arrange subsequent interviews

4. Assist employer with terms of offer

5. Present offer to candidate

6. Negotiate the differences


The final steps

  1. Counsel the future employee on resigning from his current employer
  2. Confirm the commencement of employment
  3. Follow up with candidate and manager within 30 days
  4. Evaluation questionnaire to candidate
  5. Evaluation questionnaire to company