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The Advanced Materials industry is growing rapidly & ever-changing, constantly touching us in so many facets of our everyday lives.

The extant and future technologies, materials and processes require high energy, intensive and both practical and theoretical professional leaders. The materials include nearly all those on the periodic table, and compounds of the most curious and elegant nature. Likewise, the Equipment, Instruments and Processes are exacting, requiring expert attention. Our dedicated staff understands the growing demands for Advanced Materials and Technology professionals and is ready to partner with your company.

Whether you are a Fortune 100 company looking for a VP, Operational Lead, Executive Director, or a small business looking for an R&D Specialist, thin films expert, Physicist, or Materials Scientist we are equipped to help your company fulfill its recruiting needs. Likewise, if you’re a prospective candidate ready to leverage your skills and background in order to achieve your next career move we have a network of professional connections complementing relevant industry know-how ready to assist you in your endeavors. We have represented and filled the following Advanced Materials and Technologies positions.

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Advanced Battery Technology



Ceramics and Technical Materials

Electronics & Micro-Electronics

Plasma, E-coat, nitriding

Medical Equipment


Bio Medical


Emerging Technologies

Photonics and crystalline Optics

UHV Processes

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R&D Scientists / PhD level

Process & Materials Engineers



Thin film / PVD / CVD Specialists

Material Scientists

Electronic Engineers

Applications Engineers & Scientists

3D and Nano technologists

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Solar Power