Your Trusted Partner in

Executive / C-Suite Search

C-Suite Professionals

With over 250 years of ‘in-industry’ leadership experience and 50 years of executive search expertise,
we understand first-hand the important elements of running and operating businesses.

We have partnered with many organizations to locate and place top executive positions within their organizations, from CEO to their C-suite direct reports. Collaborate with us when you need a C-level professional to improve your business. We understand the nature of interviewing C-level candidates because we have worked in these roles and have personally hired and managed these roles in industry.

The Chatham Group is your partner of choice for Executive Leadership roles because:

  • We have worked with many private-equity backed specialty chemicals and materials companies to locate and hire executive and C-level talent.
  • All C-suite searches involve confidentiality – We understand this and operate with the strictest level of confidentiality when discussing the role, and your organization by managing the CDA process with candidates at the appropriate stages in the recruitment process.
  • We diligently work to understand every aspect of your organization: role requirements, people and cultural fit/personality profile before we submit candidates.
  • We go in-depth with the requirements and expectations of your C-level positions to ensure the accuracy and expertise required of potential candidates.
  • Our clients value our consultative approach and ability to help form ranking criteria for candidates.
  • Every candidate is thoroughly interviewed by the Chatham Group to ensure that they meet the expectations of the role and organizational culture. Career history and professional qualifications, education, as well as personal traits and motivators for change are addressed and documented to our clients. We provide an unbiased review of all candidates.
  • C-level positions often require a professional alignment of goals and values between the candidate, their background, and our client’s expectations. We have acted as liaisons between C-level candidates and client organizations, ensuring an alignment of these goals and values.
  • Many C-level positions involve some form of equity as part of candidate compensation packages. We have experience discussing equity options in detail with candidates, helping them understand the value to their personal bottom line.
  • If you have already identified several candidates on your own, we can help you manage the interview and hiring process. The level of detail and professionalism required to attract and hire a C-level professional can seem overwhelming for many organizations. With our extensive history of hiring for these roles, we can bring you confidence and improved processes which will help you feel more comfortable in hiring your next CEO or other C-suite personnel.
  • Many C-level searches involve employment agreements. We can help candidates understand and manage complexities of these agreements.