John Hillenbrand: Industry Executive Speaks about His Success as a Recruiter in the Chemicals and Advanced Materials Industries.

Our team has a combined 300 years of experience in our areas of specialty and each of our dedicated practice areas are led by professionals with direct experience in your field. Today we sat down with one of these leaders to talk about his transition from industry to recruiting as we approach his two-year anniversary with The Chatham Group. Prior to joining our firm, John had a 37-year career in the industrial space, where he held various commercial leadership roles with companies like DuPont and Owens Corning. John was an MRI Top 3 Rookie of the Year in 2022 and we asked him about how his experience in industry, and extensive network, have contributed to his record-breaking success:

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Let Gratitude Be Your Guide

I read a great article by Geoffrey James, “True Secret to Success (It’s Not What You Think)” in Sales Source. I really connected with this…

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