Using employee analytics to improve retention

Unemployment is currently very low in the U.S., which means it’s even more crucial than usual to retain your all-star employees by implementing strong tactics and strategies to help keep your workers happy and at your company.

Top HR executives agree just how important this is, according to a USC study on the topic. So, what are some things worth analyzing? You can examine employee behavior, go through data on performance evaluations, look at how employees make use of their time when they come into the office and leave if they work remotely and how often, and much more. “Retention and recruitment is a top priority for all businesses and organizations and one that is often heavily targeted for analytics,” as noted by the study.

As a result of analyzing employees, a business can also save money. “Data analytics in human resources matters more to an organization’s bottom line than ever before,” according to the study. “While people skills are still a top priority for human resources managers, a rapidly increasing number of businesses and non-profits are crunching numbers to assess everything from talent acquisition and retention to productivity to job structure.”

And, interestingly, you can examine people at your organization before they even start work. “Some companies have turned to HR analytics tools such as artificial intelligence software that can analyze a video of a prospective employee interview to judge values such as honesty and personality,” according to the USC research, which is a fascinating way to approach analytics during the hiring process. By gleaning this information from day one, you can better serve your employees and keep them happy.

In sum, employee analytics are an imperative way to find out more about what keeps your workers happy and successful. By examining different data points that center on your people, you can implement strategies that will pay off in the long run.